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Asu is an Romanian multi-talented singer, songwriter, record executive, filmmaker, writer, editor and producer, with heartfelt lyrics, passionate vocals, and an honest, emotive delivery . He writes his music from a very honest and personal perspective, crafting engaging stories and developed melodies while bringing the excitement of his music to life on stage .Asu has over 580 mil. views on ROblock, and he was Nominated at World Music Awards in 2014 with his song “Zalele” in the Category BEST SONG & BEST VIDEO, and he also won Platinum Disc for “Zalele”, Golden Disc for Digital Sales and reached the 1st Place on Billbord Italy.
In 2013 he reached the Eurovision Romania semifinals with 2 songs : Ma Ma He & La Dona Di Nero.In 2012 he produced the album for Diana Matei & Taraful Cleante, which he won the Best Album Award Romanian Top Hits.

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